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San Juan River Outfitters

The San Juan River has grown to be one of the top trout fishing destinations in the United States and is spoken of highly throughout the world. With more than 12,000 trout per mile the opportunities are endless. The average length of the fish is between 15 - 18 inches, that's not to mention the extremely large girths on these trout. With more than 4 1/2 miles of quality waters to choose from you're sure to find something that meets or exceeds your expectations. So whether you're sight casting a small dry fly or just nymphing a nice deep pool, you are sure to get quite an education. 

Sometimes fly fishing a very technical tail water will leave you scratching your head with frustration. That's when having a knowledgeable guide can give you the upper hand. San Juan River Outfitters will provide you with the knowledge and patience to overcome these fat finicky rainbows and browns. With over 28 years of fly fishing experience,and 23 years of full time dedication to guiding this wonderful river called the San Juan, I can guarantee you will walk away with more than a sore arm, but a better understanding of how to adapt to the very frequently changing feeding patterns of these very selective trout.

 - T.J. Massey
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